Fiat 500 goes Hybrid!

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Fiat understands petrol prices. They have decided to design a hybrid model, the Fiat 500. This model will have a petrol-electric engine that will give the driver good fuel economy and very low CO2 emissions.

The Fiat 500 will be based on the 900cc two-cylinder model which will be making its debut at the Good-wood Festival of Speed in July. The engine is both a motor and a battery pack. This feature will allow the small Fiat 500 to run on electricity for the short distance trips, like around town. The engineers say it will only cough out about 90g of CO2 per km.

The new Fiat 500 will comply with the European Commission’s plans to set an average of 120g/km limit on all models across the continent by 2012.

Fiat has not released any information on the engines power output, but it should come in two forms.

Owners of the new Fiat 500 could expect a 80mpg fuel economy on this lightweight two-cylinder motor.

The first petrol-electric engines won’t be released until 2011, but the Fiat 500’s two-cylinder will be available in the Fiat 500 by the end of the year. The auto insurance on this car will be cheap, maintenance will be cheap and it is light on gas, so it is an all round good vehicle for town drivers.

Price: Not announced yet.
Auto Insurance: Small vehicle, should be cheap.

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