Ford GT upgrade, The Avro Mirage 720

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The Ford GT Avro Mirage 720, with a whopping 720bhp, thanks to a large supercharger, a new induction system, new Accufab throttle bodies and an Accufab ceramic-coated exhaust system.

The modified Ford GT, now known as the Mirage will retail for about £179,950, that includes the crazy amount of power as well as 627lb ft of torque, an orange paint job and a delimited 220mph top speed.

The Mirage is unbelievably fast, but still driveable. It has a great suspension system and a good gearbox, these all help to control the monster on the tarmac.

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The Mirage will spin its way through most of second gear and a bit in third gear as well. The acceleration doesn’t seem to stop with this 5.4L V8 engine.

The retail price might be high but for a car like this it’s really worth it. The auto insurance would be high, but then again it would be an honour to be the auto insurance company for this monster.

Price: Should be high due to old modified vintage car
Auto Insurance: Higher than the Ford GT

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