Lotus Trifuel Exige 270E – Powered by Methanol

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The new Lotus Trifuel Exige 270E concept car showing how methanol can take over the future of fuel for sports cars.

The 270E concept car runs off the supercharged Toyota engine, which is from the normal Exige. This engine can run off three different fuels, namely petrol, ethanol and methanol. The sensors in the car measure the proportions of each fuel and adjust the engine management accordingly so that it will run.

Methanol is a liquid at room temperature, unlike hydrogen which needs the right pressure and temperatures, it can also burn with a better thermal efficiency than diesel.

The best part about using methanol is that methanol can be synthesized from a mixed of hydrogen and carbon dioxide, the very gasses we are told that causes global warming. Hydrogen can be extracted from water with solar energy.

The octane in methanol is higher than fuel, therefore it can produce more power. Without any modifications the power in this model was boosted from 237bhp to 266bhp.

Lotus has no plans to sell this 270E model, instead they are just using it to demonstrate the usage of different kinds of fuels. So you won’t need to worry about auto-insurance on this one.

Price: Not going to be produced
Auto insurance: Not going to be produced, no Auto insurance required

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