New fuel economy standards released!

New fuel economy standards have been set. With an average of 31.6 miles per gallon. Cars and trucks would both need to meet this requirement by 2015.

The vehicles built from 2011 to 2015 will need to meet the targets which are more aggressive than some observers expected, and this raises the possibility that the US government could require the automakers to have a 35mpg car vehicle by 2020.

The proposal states that a normal car must have the fuel efficiency of 35.7mpg for passenger cars and 28.6mpg for light trucks.

The current passenger vehicles are only required to meet a 27.5 mpg average, while SUV’s and pickups need to obtain 22.5mpg.

In California a number of auto industries are fighting about a number of lawsuits in regard to the greenhouse gas limitations.

Auto makers claim that the requirement for 35mpg cars would mean major changes to their current vehicles.

Gasoline prices are extremely high and consumers force the auto industry to produce more fuel efficient vehicles, although an upside to this would be that auto insurance could be cheaper.

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