New Keating SKR Supercar has been launched

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The new Keating SKR Supercar has been launched!

The Keating SKR has a V8 Chevrolet engine, with 404bhp and 400lb ft torque, but this is not the only model, Keating will also offer a 500bhp version and two supercharged versions, one pushing out 520bhp and the other 650bhp. Keating has decided that each model will be built to how the customer wants it.

All the models are rear-wheel drive, but Keating says there are plans for a twin-turbo version which will be lighter and have a carbonfibre chassis for the track.

The SKR is a two seater road vehicle, with a five speed manual gearbox, it is measured to be 4,3m long, 1.8m wide and 1.1m high. The naturally aspirated model weighs 1190kg.

Prices for the SKR have not yet been announced. So auto insurance will be unknown at this point.

Price: TBA
Auto Insurance: TBA

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