Revealed: Vauxhall Insignia

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The new Vauxhall Insignia is finally revealed to the public. The car that will be taking over from the Vectra is intended to take on the Ford Mondeo at its own game.

Not only has the name of the old existing family model been dropped, but the new Insignia has little resemblance to the old Vectra. Mark Adams, the European design boss for GM, said: “There’s nothing of the Vectra in here and that’s deliberate. We’re not going to take baby steps. We wanted this car to be distinctive and dynamic.”

The Insignia is the first production model to use GM’s new Epsilon 2 platform, which is an improved form of the Epsilon 1 platform used on the Vectra. The new platfrom will be the basis of as many as 13 different models, and is simply an evolution of the Epsilon1 platform. The new Insignia is a lot bigger than the Vectra, being nearly seven inches longer.

If you’re a hatch back fan, don’t worry, the Insignia will be released in a four-door saloon and a five-door hatch back style, which both use the same doors and glass, for production effeciency. The estate model will follow later.

The hatch, saloon and estate all use the same wheel base this time and the estate is ment to adopt the concepts of the semi-sporting Audi Avant.

The design of the Insignia is marvelous, with both the saloon and hatchback showing their coupe-like profiles which emphasize the car’s sport profile.

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You will have the choice of three petrol and two diesel engines which will be available from launch in the UK. The bottom of the line petrol engine is a basic four-cylinder with 138bhp, whereas the top of the line is a V6 turbocharged petrol engine pushing 258bhp. The diesel engines are both versions of GM’s new 2.0 litre common-rail turbo motor, pushing 128bhp and 158bhp, respectively. More powerful versions of these engines will follow.

The cars intended target market is the UK and Vauxhall have said to have tweaked the suspension for UK roads.

Price is not yet announced, but will reach the showroom floors for the UK in October. Auto insurance on the Insigia is not yet known, but it should be similar to the price per month of the Vectra.

Price: Not yet announced
Auto Insurance: Similar to Vectra

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