Toyota and Subaru Team Up for New RWD Sensation

Thats right, Subaru and Toyota, join forces to create a fast and super light RWD sports car.

It is rumoured that the new sports car will be powered by the 2.0-litre flat four engine. This will be the first time that a Toyota has ever felt the power of Subaru. The inspired look will be that of the old RWD AE86 Toyota Corolla GT, from the ’80s. The base model for this coupe will be powered by the naturally aspirated 175bhp petrol Subaru engine.

Subaru has decided to not use their heavy four-wheel drive system as it would be too heavy, but if this combination of Subaru-Toyota does actually work, there will be a new sports car made with loads of power and the famous four-wheel drive system from Subaru in a shell which would be a successor to the Toyota Celica GT4.

The final design for this new sports car will be finished round about July, and production should start in 2010.

The price for the basic model would be close to £20,000 in the UK and about £25,000 for the turbo charged model. Prices for North America have not yet been ‘released’ but it is said that North America is the target market for this vehicle.

Auto Insurance is not yet known on this car, but because it is made from reliable manufacturers it should be at a reasonable price.

Price: £20,000 | $40,000 for normal aspirated
Price: £25,000 | $50,000 for turbocharged model
Auto Insurance on normal aspirated model: Similar to the newer Subaru’s
Auto Insurance on turbocharged model: Reasonably higher due to more power

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