2009 BMW Z4 Renderings

Pricing | Dean | September 24, 2008 at 13:50

At the L.A Auto Show BMW will be revealing the 2009 BMW Z4, codenamed E89.

Before this happens though, maybe rendering artists have tried to come up with a CGI which will look as close as possible to the real model. Jon Sibal has now come up with the latest renderings, of both the coupe and Roadster versions.

Here are his notes on the model:

Design and Render notes:

This current model in my opinion should have been the car that preceded the Z3 (E36/7). If my rendering proves to be accurate, the new headlight is thinner and slanted which looks to be closer to the shape of the Z3 headlights than the E85 Z4. The kidney grills also appear to be thinner giving the car a wider front appeal. In addition, this new model also went back to the clam shell hood style as seen on the Z3 model. Comparing it to the E85 Z4, BMW has definitely toned down the flamed surface on this one. The new model looks really sleek with the BMW signature still evident. The recent spy pictures have enough information for me to feel confident about the accuracy of this rendering. The only part I’m not sure of is the side markings/vent design. It’s hard to figure out from any spy pictures I’ve seen so we’ll just wait and see on that one.

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