BMW’s new Innovative 7-Series Headlight System

Pricing | Dean | December 9, 2008 at 15:44

BMW’s 7-Series, the one with all the fancy gadgets and stuff, has now been fitted with a new feature. The new feature is called the Adaptive Headlight Control System, and it will use swiveling headlights which will always point in the direction that the vehicle is steering, so therefore you will be able to see the road ahead, because it will be better illuminated. 


The BMW Description reads as follows:

The Adaptive Headlight technology is based on the dynamic headlamp control system. Sensors measure speed, steering angle and yaw (degree of rotation around the vertical axis). Based on this information, small electric motors turn the headlights so the beam falls on the road ahead, guiding you into the bend.
The headlight system is activated whenever the vehicle is moving forwards. When the vehicle is in reverse or if the steering wheel is turned when the vehicle is not moving (such as when leaving a parallel parking space), the headlights do not turn, in order to prevent blinding the drivers of oncoming traffic.

To prove that the system is so fantastic, when your speed drops below 31mph the system will activate City Driving Mode, this will reduce the lighting power, but it will still offer enough illumination to show you the people and objects in the road.

- Source: BMWBlog -

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