Audi are planning a range of electric vehicles for the future

Audi are planning to get in on the electric vehicle segment with their new plans which will allow them to have a wide variety of eco-friendly cars.

The plans are for 2014 and they were approved by the Audi board of directors in December. The plans include a new Audi E1 model which will be based on the Volkswagen Up! concept. The E1 will look very different and it will feature tiny petrol and diesel engines, along with a full electric motors.

There will also be an Audi E2 model which will be the upgrade of the E1, and the E2 will be an eco sports car. The E2 will share components from the VW BlueSport production model and it will use a 1.2-litre FSI or a 1.2-litre TDI engine. There might not be an electric option for the E2, depending on the costs.

There will also be a new aluminium A2 in 2011, and it will be called the E3. The E3 will be built on the A3’s cost-efficient MQB matrix. Audi’s Roadjet concept from 2006 will also be built as the Audi E4, and it will feature space which can be found in a tall-roof car, along with dynamism of a Sportback.

The E4 will feature a hybrid package.

The end of the list feature an Audi E5 which will be ready in 2014. The larger sports car will feature lightweight architecture, awesome handling and low CO2 emissions with good fuel-consumption.

There will also be an ‘S’ version produced, and this will be called the ES5.


– Source: WorldCarFans

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