EDAG Light Car Concept – Coming to the Geneva Motor Show

The 2009 Geneva Motor show is expected to feature a range of new electric and hybrid vehicles for the future. The Geneva Motor Show will take place during the month of March and there will be a lot of new comers.

A German design and engineering firm, EDAG, will be at the Gevena Show to reveal their new “Light Car” concept. The EDAG Light Car concept will have its world debut in March, and the compact sized hatchback will be propelled by four electric motors, all of which are situated inside the wheels.

The EDAG Light Car Concept will have a range of 150km, along with small dimensions which allow it to take part in the compact car segment. EDAG’s Light Car will be 4.0-meters long and 1.70meters wide, it will feature in-wheel-drive, so this means that there will not be an engine or a gearbox. 

The wheelbase will be 2.90-meters, which is 2mm longer than that of the BMW 5-Series sedan.

A major highlight on the EDAG Light Car Concept is that it will feature new LED lighting technology that is incorporated into glass panes. The LED lights will mark out outlines of the headlights and rear lights, so this means that they will be able to be modified to the taste of the driver.

The feature of self-modifiable lights means that each car will have its own appearance. If the car does however come out with this feature, it will be pretty cool to see what the customers come up with.

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