Special Edition Alfa Romeo RIAR MiTo

Alfa Romeo have decided to celebrate the RIAR’s (Resitro Italiano Alfa Romeo) 46th year as the Alfa Romeo owners club. Alfa have created a limited edition MiTo minicar to celebrate this anniversary.

The RIAR MiTo will feature a black-exterior paint job along with a satin finish which will replace chrome accents which were on the grille. The new special-edition MiTo will feature 17-inch wheels which are influenced by the 8C Competizione, and it will also feature red brake calipers.

Alfa have also decided to add a new rear-spoiler, a new rear diffuser, fog-lamps, and a reverse parking system.

The interior features new sports-seats, black or burgundy leather, dual-zone climate control and carbon fibre trim.

The engine will feature an extra 15-hp, so this brings it to 170-hp.

There will be 46 of the limited edition MiTo’s made, and the pricing wil start at €20,000. The models are limited to RIAR members only.

– Source: eGMCarTech

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