Rendering of the BMW 6-Series

Renderings | Dean | February 16, 2009 at 17:07

Since the first unveiling of the BMW CS Concept in 2007 a few people who like designing things have tried to use the concept as a base for most of the newer BMW designs.

The 2010 BMW 6-Series has now also been treated with the CS Concept’s looks, as German magazine, Auto Motor und Sport, have published their take on a rendered 6-Series.

The 2011 6-Series will not have to much a different design from from the original model, but the headlights will most probably be similar to the CS concept.

BMW’s 6-Series will also have more legroom for the rear passengers, and it will also feature a more sportier cockpit with a better driver-orientated console layout.

- Source: BMWBlog -

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