MINI E Electric Car – No Cables Result In 23 Hours Charge Time

BMW have been unfortunate to make a mistake on the new Mini Electric vehicles which need to be recharged. It was said that two-thirds of the 450 E owners will not receive high-voltage charging cables, which means that they can only plug their cars into a normal 110v household outlet.

The result will be that 300 Mini E’s taking up to 23 hours to recharge for a full charge.

At the moment there have only been 23 Mini E models delivered, but the distribution should be completed by the end of June. Each owner took a $850 per month lease on the car, and they paid for something which should charge in four hours, not 23.

Mini has accepted this mistake and they will not charge the customers until the cables have been delivered. Maybe of the drivers might only get these cables by about August. It was said that safety certification on the cables are still pending in the US, while they have already been certified in the UK.

This could turn out to harm the electric market in the US, as the safety issue is just stubborn. Surely if it works in the UK it would be fine in the US.

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