VW Might Pair Up With Suzuki For Smaller Compact Cars

Sources have said that Volkswagen are considering a new partnership with Suzuki Motors to boost their expertise and reach in ultra compact cars. The sources have said VW will be considering a new model that will fit into the up and coming “New Small Family” which currently only consists of the Up! concept.

“You have see it through an Asian perspective, particularly a Japanese one. There are vehicle sizes and classes that cannot be found here,” the source said. ”You only see them at the Tokyo motor show but it is undoubtedly an interesting segment, just have a quick look at the developing markets like India. It’s correct that there is a gap there that could be closed.”

VW are trying to buy a 10 percent stake in Suzuki, and this means that they might even launch a new model that will fit below the Up! compact car.

Suzuki did not comment on this at all.

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