SpeedART Adds A Dash Of Yellow To The Porsche Cayenne Diesel

Germany is full of tuning experts, and also manufacturing companies, so we’re pretty used to seeing all shapes, and types of Porsche models popping out from tuners. The latest Porsche tuning kit comes from SpeedART which has changed the way you will look at the Cayenne Diesel. The has tuner added interior, exterior, engine and chassis upgrades to the upmarket Diesel SUV.

SpeedART has called this model the TITAN DTR 310, and it will start with the 3.0-litre V6 diesel unit. There will be three power levels available for this model, the 280-hp unit, the 290-hp unit and the 310-hp upgrade.

The German tuner obtained the first engine packages by added a new ECU, while the 310-horsepower upgrade features a larger turbocharger. The prices for the kits start at 1,990 euros.

While the engine upgrades are pretty top notch, the company then added a new sport exhaust system, a lowered module with an air suspensions and a set of 22-inch allow wheels. The look will be topped off with a full body kit that comes with a front spoiler, fog lights, side skirts and day time running lights.

The interior will feature new upholstery and sporty accessories, so expect a new dashboard and center armrest in Alcantara with yellow stitching all round. There will be a three-spoke steering wheel with F1-shift paddles.

SpeedART also added a new boost-gauge for the turbocharger into the centre console, and this will complete the interior look.

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