Volkswagen Are Considering A Forumla One Team

The Formula One used to be known as the big-shot racing series where top-dog manufacturers competed with both technology and engineering. The times have now changes as the FIA has become more involved telling the teams what they can and cannot do.

The high costs involved in Formula One racing is now pushing many teams away from the race track. However, it seems like there might be hope after all.

It was said that if the F1 could reduce the managing costs of a team, well, then, Volkswagen might just sign up. An Audi official, Reinhold Carl, said that the company is definitely considering to join the race.

“If the cost is lower, it will be more manageable,” Carl told the reporter.

According to the Audi official, the demise of BMW and Honda will only add motivation to VW as they consider moving forward in this venture.

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