You See Me Rollin’.. The Subaru Impreza TANK

Ken Block was recently involved with news regarding the World Rally Championship, and before this comes true the rally enthusiast, along with Subaru, will just spend the rest of their days messing around with too much money.

The Subaru Impreza STI is Block’s vehicle of choice, and why not spice it up.. just a bit? Okay — well, not just a bit, but whatever. The TRAX STI is the fastest track operated vehicle yet — no surprise there.

Performance figures were not released, however, we cannot thinking that the acceleration speed is better than any other mine-worker-mobile running on tank treads.

Ken’s new Subaru TRAX users a 105M1-A1 rubber track system with a 406mm width. This entire system is connected to the Scooby’s suspension via a concentric pivot. Each track conversion weighs in at 180kg, and this is way more than the original wheels. The Subaru has obviously been modified to to accommodate for the extra 700+ kg of weight.

Ken Block has started testing this at that Guardsman pass in Utah.

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