Infiniti’s First Ever Diesel Engine For Three Of Their Models

Infiniti has presented its first ever diesel models. The diesel engine will be a 3.0-litre V6 unit and it will be available in the EX and FX SUV’s, as well as the M sedan. The 238-horsepower V6 diesel engine was developed in Europe and it will provide front, rear and four-wheel drive power.

The diesel model will be built in connection with Renault-Nissan, however it will be different from the Renault motors as it will include a new cylinder block, a different crankshaft, a revised intake manifold, new fuel injection system, an exhaust gas recirculator and a new turbocharger.

“The new diesel engine allows us access to a far greater sector of the market without compromising on our core values. More than that, it’s an exceptional engine, with impressive torque from very low revs helping to deliver progressive, linear acceleration with none of the typical disadvantages of unwanted noise and vibrations,” says Jim Wright, Vice President, Infiniti Europe.

“By creating a bespoke sporting diesel, we have been able to maintain the combination of performance and luxury expected from an Infiniti with the added bonus of lower emissions and improved fuel economy. It’s a win-win position,” Wright added.

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