Geneva 2010 — The Audi R8 Based Hispano Suiza

Hispano Suiza is a pre-World War II brand which is currently trying to restart. The new model from the brand is essentially just an Audi R8 V10 with new looks and new modifications.

The changes start with a new aluminium and magnesium space frame which allows for a new body design. There is a use of carbon fibre all around the vehicle, and this is visible in the interior of the car as well.

The overall weight is 1,590 kilograms which is only 42 kilograms lighter than the original Audi R8 V10 model.

Hispano said that they are looking to create performance, quality and prestige with their new models. The Suiza was created with MTM, a well known tuner, who has mounted two electric-driven superchargers to the V10 engine. The power is 552kW with 700Nm of torque.

A 0-100km/h run is 3.4 seconds while the top speed is 340km/h.


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