Opel Shows Their New Flextreme GT/E Concept Off In Geneva

Opel’s new Flextreme GT/E Concept is currently on show at the Geneva salon where it reveals the companies vision of efficient design and environment conscious driving. The vehicle will boast range-extending electric vehicle (E-REV) technology and this essentially means, zero emissions with all-electric power.

There will be a drag-coefficient of only 0.22, and a top speed of over 200km/h.

The GT/E will showcase a new trapezoidal grille as well as a new Opel emblem which is larger. There will be LED headlights in the front.

Press Release

  • World Première : Flextreme GT/E concept proves environmental efficiency
  • World Première : Meriva opens the door to greater flexibility
  • Ampera: Extended-range electrically driven family car is for everyday use
  • Corsa: More power, lesser fuel add up to great driving pleasure

Geneva /Rüsselsheim. At the 80th Geneva Motor Show (March 4 – 14), the new Opel will give a taste of its future, displaying four cars that express its mission of offering accessible German engineering, innovative technology and efficient, elegant environmental responsibility.

The Flextreme GT/E concept car embodies Opel’s vision of expressive, efficient design for environmentally conscious drivers. Cool design meets function on new generation Meriva, whose innovative storage and flexible solutions will help it extend its leadership in the small monocab segment.

Scheduled for production in 2011, the Opel Ampera exhibits the company’s push to be in a leader in alternative propulsion as it proves an electric family car is practical for everyday use. And last but not least, the German engineering stands in the forefront on the new generation Opel Corsa, which has been rejuvenated to provide more power and more driving fun on less fuel.

Opel Flextreme GT/E concept: expressive design and environmental performance

The Flextreme GT/E concept visualizes the qualities that will characterize the re-energized Opel/Vauxhall brand: High emotional appeal, expressive design; engineered with German precision to be ecologically environmental responsible.

In Opel’s strategy for achieving independence from fossil fuels, electricity plays a key role, and the 4.7-meter long Flextreme GT/E concept illustrates how extended-range electric vehicle (E-REV) technology can be plugged into large or mid-size vehicles, as well as compact cars such as the upcoming Ampera.

Opel calls this strategy “e-mobility unlimited:” adapting the highly efficient E-REV drive system – which removes the limitations of battery-only power – to vehicles across all market segments. To enjoy zero CO2 driving emissions Opel-style, the Flextreme GT/E concept shows that size doesn’t matter.

The purposeful design also is sleek and aerodynamic: it enables the Flextreme GT/E to achieve a projected drag co-efficient of just 0.22, helping it reach a 200 km/h-plus top speed as well as conserve energy and extend driving range. Stand-out visual features include a low and wide stance, wing-shaped lights front and rear, a distinctive nose and grille, floating C-pillars and muscular, sculptured bodywork.

The low, coupé-like proportions of the Flextreme GT/E explore the potential for evolving Opel’s new design language – sculptural artistry meets German precision – within an envelope optimized for aerodynamic efficiency.

The clean, frontal styling features a low hood line and an extended nose section, which is clasped by wing-shaped, signature LED headlamps. These are deeply carved into the front fenders and across the hood line. The new trapezoidal grille execution is slim but bold. The prominent wing-shaped chrome bar carries a large Opel emblem, which doubles as a socket for charging the Flextreme GT/E’s battery pack.

The Flextreme GT/E concept is a logical next step in Opel’s unfolding strategy for the electrification of the automobile, which includes a wide portfolio of products using battery, extended-range, hybrid and fuel cell technologies.

New Opel Meriva: Host of unique features extends flexibility leadership

Innovative, versatile and stylish: the second generation Opel Meriva, making its world premiere at Geneva, raises the bar for automotive versatility. It is packed with a multitude of innovative features engineered to optimize the flexible use of space, all presented in a distinctive, contemporary design.

Opel created a new market segment for small, affordable monocabs when it launched the first generation Meriva in 2003. With its revolutionary FlexSpace rear-seating concept, high seating position and roomy cabin, it has always been big on flexibility yet small in size.

Now the second generation Meriva takes affordable, on-board flexibility to a new level. It introduces FlexDoors, innovative rear-hinged rear doors that facilitate cabin access – an industry first for a volume manufacturer. Greater interior stowage space is also enhanced by FlexRail, a revolutionary concept for adaptable center console storage. All this, in addition to an easier-to-use FlexSpace seating system and the option of Opel’s unique FlexFix integrated rear bicycle carrier.

The new Opel Meriva will be offered with an engine line-up ranging from 55 kW/75 hp to 103 kW/140 hp. All engines comply with the Euro5 emissions standards.

The Meriva’s dynamic proportions bring elegance to the small monocabs. Its expressive exterior and interior styling carries forward Opel’s new award-winning sculptural design language already introduced on the Insignia and Astra. A distinctive wave graphic for the rear side windows accentuates the Meriva’s FlexDoors, while also improving the view for rear passengers, particularly children.

Meriva opens up a new dimension in rear seat access with its unique rear-hinged rear doors. Unlike some current designs, the Meriva’s FlexDoors are full-sized. The use of a conventional B-pillar enables them to be opened independently, without the need for a clamshell overlap by the front doors.

FlexDoors make it easy to get in and out of the rear seat without any twisting or sliding. It’s also more convenient for parents to reach in to help buckle up children. For optimum access, both the front doors and the FlexDoors open up to 84 degrees, much wider than competitor’s doors.

The new Meriva is engineered to be the new versatility champion in the automotive industry. No other car offers so many features that make life easier.

Opel Ampera: Extended-range electric-driven family car for everyday use

The Opel Ampera, a game-changing electric family car that is practical for everyday use without range-anxiety, exhibits the company’s push to be in the forefront of environmentally friendly motoring. When production begins in 2011, the Opel Ampera is set to be the first mass-produced electric vehicle to hit European markets. Importantly, it is designed to be a car that the whole family can drive for everyday use.

The five-door, four-seat Opel Ampera uses the ground-breaking electric propulsion technology which operates differently from other advanced propulsion systems. The Ampera electric propulsion system uses electricity as its primary power source. A gasoline engine-generator as a secondary power source generates electricity when the battery is depleted to ensure a seamless and continuous drive.

The Ampera’s wheels are turned electrically at all times and speeds. For journeys up to 60 km (MVEG), the Ampera runs on electricity stored in the 16-kWh, lithium-ion battery, and emits neither greenhouse gases nor other harmful emissions. The Ampera will be well-suited to the daily driving habits of European customers. To wit: some 80 percent of German drivers travel less than 50 km a day.

New Opel Corsa: More power, more driving pleasure and less fuel

The new Corsa range has been rejuvenated to provide more power and more driving fun with less fuel consumption. Opel engineers have given the Corsa a complete make-over, introducing an enhanced powertrain line-up that reduces fuel consumption by up to 13 percent, significant chassis improvements and a new steering calibration. In addition to its agile handling and greater ride comfort, drivers will appreciate engines that give more pulling power.

These enhancements are accompanied by the introduction in Germany of several new special editions like the sporty Color Line series with the Color Race, Color Edition and Color Wave variants, featuring distinctive bodywork finishes and attractive 17-inch alloy wheels. Also, in celebration of 111 years of automotive tradition, Opel will release a captivating 111 Limited Edition in Europe.

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