Vauxhall’s Astra VXR Receives Arctic Changes — Well, An Arctic Exterior At Least

Vauxhall, the British version of Opel, has decided to add a new limited production Astra called the “Arctic Edition”. Vauxhall will base the Arctic Edition on the VXR version, and this means a limited run of 500 units with a price tag of £720 more than the standard Astra VXR.

An Olympic White paint-job will be contrasted by a black painted roof, mirror covers, front V-grille and tailgate trim. There will be new Recaro leather seats for the front, tinted glass and a set of 19-inch wheels — which are also in black.

Unfortunately changes are more visual, and this means that the engine will continue to boast 240-horsepower, a 0-100km/h time of 6.2 seconds and a top speed of 244km/h.

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