Lexus LS Recall: South African & International Recall Details

Toyota has announced that they will recall four Lexus LS models due to problems with the steering wheel. The models Toyota would like to recall include the LS460, LS460L, LS600h and the LS600hL hybrid with the Variable Gear Ratio Steering system.

The recall will cover over 11,500 vehicles.

Lexus said:

“The problem occurs at low speed when manoeuvring the steering wheel to full lock position. If the driver then returns the steering wheel very fast, this could lead to a steering wheel off-centre condition even though the driving wheels would be straight. This phenomenon will be resolved automatically in a few seconds and the driver may notice this correction as the steering wheel centre moves slowly by itself to the centre position when driving straight during the correction operation. The driver remains in control of the vehicle as the steering wheel self corrects itself.”

South African owners will need to have their cars check. If there is a problem, it will be corrected.

South African release:

Lexus has confirmed that small numbers of LS models in South Africa will be checked and corrected if necessary following the announcement by Japan that it would recall certain LS models for a possible fault in the Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS).

The potential problem is not safety critical and will not lead to a loss of control nor a loss of steering.

Under certain conditions, following maximum steering operation (full lock), the steering wheel may not return to its straight ahead position although the wheels themselves are correctly oriented. The VGRS system corrects the steering wheel position as the vehicle is driven in approximately one to three seconds.

Customers who have already taken delivery of upgraded LS460s (introduced in January this year) are being contacted individually to have their cars checked. Those models awaiting delivery will be corrected prior to release.

Lexus has stringent quality processes in place to alleviate problems prior to production and remedy faults that may only become apparent further into the model cycle. These are dealt with systematically and with due diligence to the severity of the problem and the potential impact they may have on vehicle owners.

Should owners have any concerns they are invited to contact their nearest dealer. Lexus South Africa is continuing to monitor and investigate the situation carefully.

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