Volkswagen Working On The Audi S1 And Jetta R

Volkswagen will indeed create a Jetta R and an Audi S1 model. This has been confirmed by Dr Ernst Linder, the technical chief for the Polo GTI.

It was said that the Audi S1 will use a 136kW 1.4-litre engine connected to a seven-speed double-clutchd gearbox, where the power will be sent to the front wheels opposed to the all-wheel-drive setup found on other S-models.

The Volkswagen Jetta R was also confirmed, however there were no details revealed. But, it is speculated that there will be a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine with 198kW and 349Nm of torque.

Linder also said that there will not be a Polo R, as the S1 will be the model to buy.

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