Aston Martin DB9 And Vantage Upgrades For 2013-2014

Aston Martin will revamp their DB9 and Vantage for 2013/2014. The facelift models will have the same dimensions, however they will boast a few cosmetic and fuel efficiency changes.

“We’re not going to start from scratch again when we already have experience with excellent cutting-edge technology,” said an Aston source.

There will be new body styling and new interior trim. The final design has not yet been decided but reports state that the DB9 will use styling cues from the One-77.

Following cosmetic enhancements, Aston would like to lower the overall weight of the two vehicles.

Engine upgrades for the 2013/2014 project include V12 and V8 motors with better fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, opposed to better performance.

[via:autocar] Image rendered by Autocar.

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