Video: Ken Block Vs Kimi Raikkonen Leads To Photo Finish In Portugal

Last week in Portugal, the 44th Rally de Portugal launched where several one-on-one races took place at the Algarve Stadium. One of the races – attached above – included Former F1 champion Kimi Raikkonen and internet-fame-junkie Ken Block.

“As soon as we found out that we’d be going up against Kimi on opening night on a tarmac Super Special, pressure started building, so to raise the stakes even more, I decided to bet Kimi that I’d beat him,” Block reportedly said. β€œTo be honest, I wasn’t expecting to win, but was willing to lose a 100 Euros on the chance to wax a former F1 World Champ.”

The result — and you’re not going to believe this: A tie.

After two laps on the one-kilometer course both drivers managed to cross the line in 2 minutes 11.0-seconds.

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