Renault South Africa Will Release 6 New Models Before The End Of 2010

Renault South Africa will launch six new models before the end of 2010. At the moment Renault has released 12 new vehicles in only 18 months, and they aren’t done just yet. The next four months will see the following being released.

A 1.6-litre Dynamique derivative for younger drivers. More news here.

  • Limited number of Renault Sport models

Two special edition models will be added to the RS family — the 20th Anniversary Clio RS will arrive first.

An even sportier version of the Twingo RS. It will use the famous racing nameplate with a blue colour scheme.

  • Two new Megane’s

One is the Megane Renault Sport with 184kW of power and 340Nm of torque. There’s a new suspension and a turbocharger waiting to be spooled.

  • Another SA-manufactured Renault

There’s not much said about this model, however it was hinted that it will be another local product. It will fall part of the Sandero family and it will sell for a good price.

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