Rumour Has It That BMW Are Planning A X4, X3 35iS & X3 M

Rumours from an inside source at BMW state that the Bavarian automaker is looking to introduce a X4, X3 M and a X3 35iS model. If these rumours are correct we’ll see a brand new model, as well as two other X3 models

It was said that the X4 will be a smaller version of the X6 — as the X3 is smaller version of the X5 model. It’s likely that the X4 will use the engines and technology from the X3 range.

Scott26, the person who brought the information to light said, “BMW are keen to capitalize on the success of the X6 by offering a “downsized” version of [it],” — via

For the X3 35iS, Scott25 said that the engine from the Z4 35iS will be used, and this means 250kW with 500Nm of torque from a twin-turbocharged straight six motor.

The possible X3 M will could use the engine from the up and coming 1-Series M, however this has not yet been finalized.


Pictured above is the BMW X6.

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