Upgraded Renault Koleos For South africa

Renault has upgraded the Koleos SUV range for South Africa. The updated model will receive better performance, and new specifications under the standard guise.

Renault’s base Koleos 2.5 Dynamique 4×2 will offer cruise control, an upgraded sound system incorporating Bluetooth, integrated TOM TOM Navigation and hands-free keycard as standard features.

The two models above the Dynamique, the Dynamique Premium CVT 4×4 and Koleos 2.0dCi Dynamique Premium 4×4, include 4×4 Trajectory Control, TOM TOM Navigation, hands-free keycard, sound system with Arkymys, Bizone Auto Climate Control, leather electric seats and headlights with wipers.

“A unique mix of versatility, comfort, safety and sweeping design lines coupled with the best-in-class 4×4 capabilities, makes Koleos the perfect crossover vehicle for South Africa’s motoring public.” said Xavier Gobille, Managing Director of Renault South Africa.

Pricing for the Koleos:

  • Koleos 2.5 Dynamique Man 4×2: R314,900
  • Koleos 2.5 Dynamique Premium CVT 4×4: R399,900
  • Koleos 2.0dCI Dynamique Premium Man 4×4: R419,900

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