BMW X4 To Launch In 2014 — X4M Coming Too

BMW are looking to create the upcoming X4 in America where it will be more stylish than practical. Using the same success-story from the X6, BMW has found that stylish models are slightly better than practical vehicles and that’s the idea behind the X4.

The Bavarian automaker will challenge the upcoming Porsche Cajun with their X4 model which is essentially a smaller version of the X6 — but maybe with two-doors. In-fact, a BMW official has said that the Cajun is a motivating factor for the X4.

Engine-wise the automaker will offer 4- and 6-cylinder motors with petrol and diesel support. There will be all-wheel-drive systems as well as two-wheel-drive systems available. Gearboxes will include 6- and 7-speed units and optionally, an 8-speed Steptronic.

There’s even word on an X4M model with lots more power.


Pictured above is an unofficial look at the X4.

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