Google’s Self-Driving Car

Google has modified a Toyota Prius which can drive itself. Google is working with Chris Urmson and Anthony Levandowski from DARPA to create an automated car which will drive itself. At the moment it’s still experimental, however test vehicles have covered around 225,300-kilometers of distance.

The system works where someone drives a specific route in a normal car, where once this is done, the police are notified to say that there’s a test going on – just in case.

The automated car will drive, where two occupants will monitor the software and the progress. If needed, the occupants can overrun the self-drive at any moment. Google has fitted all of the vehicles with video cameras, radar sensors and laser range finders, to see the road ahead, read all signs and obey the speed limit.

Google hopes that this technology will become usable to reduce accidents in the future, and perhaps drive the highways automatically.

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