JB Car Design Modifies The Lamborghini LP 640

JB Car Design design has revealed their brand new tuning kit which enhances the Lamborghini LP 640. The kit is called the Bat and it will offer Carbon Fibre changes which consists of a new front and rear bumper, a front lip spoiler, revised side skirts and an aggressive rear diffuser.

There will be a set of 20-inch wheels and a rear spoiler as well.

Inside the modified Lamborghini, there’s alcantara upholstery, a sport steering wheel and a new audio system.

Power-wise, the engine can be upped to one of two packages: 552kW, or 522kW.

Press Release

Bat LP 640 – Lamborghini by JB Car Design

JB Car Design could not get better motivation than Lamborghini Murciélago. This is not the new race car from Lamborghini; it is a truly compatible sports car based on the Murciélago. The standard version already features a great convincing performance and a design that is hard to beat. The LP 640 from JB Car Design has a new outfit. The Carbon Aero Kit LP 640 is limited to 75 pieces worldwide, made in Germany, and is offered by JB Car Design including assembly and painting at the price of 28500 Euro. The painting consists of 6 layers of enamel primer matched to body color and comes with high solid clear varnish (from 9700 Euro). The design of the Aero Kit LP 640 represents a mix of the Reventon limited edition and the new Murciélago (2011 model).

The package consists of a front bumper with side air intakes, carbon fiber front lip spoiler, carbon fiber headlight covers, side skirts, rear bumper with side air outlets and carbon rear diffuser. If you want to go further, order also a two-piece carbon fiber rear spoiler, which is responsible not only for the improved optics and for an even greater down force on the rear axle and an underbody ground-effect optimization at the price of 2800 Euro.

The LED headlights including dim lights, interior and engine compartment lighting, indicator lights and door emitter are offered by JB Car Design for 970 Euro.

The experienced tuners have also upped the engine power to 750 hp. The performance increase up to 750 hp is offered at the price of 28500 Euro, the standard version with performance increase “only” to 710 hp costs 19500 Euro.

To complete the tuning package for the Lamborghini Murciélago, JB Car Design offers exclusive, three-piece 20″ alloy wheels at the price from 8700 Euro.
This sports car is perceived as such owing to a controlled exhaust system along with sport catalysts and headers.

The interior is garnished with a noble bicolor leather or Alcantara, at the price of 9700 Euro. There is also a steering wheel with airbag 32 cm or 34 cm in diameter for 1970 Euro. A high-end sound system with additional subwoofer and amplifier complete the whole image.

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