New Details On The BMW 1-Series M Coupe

BMW has revealed new information on the exciting 1-Series M Coupe which will be unveiled during the December month. The 1-Series M Coupe will boast a 3.0-litre bi-turbocharged engine with six-inline-cylinders and 254kW of power. All of this will travel to the tarmac through a six-speed manual transmission gearbox.

There will be a total weight of about 1,500-kilograms, with a few parts similar to the BMW M3. In-fact, the brakes and rear-differential is said to be similar to the M3.

Head of Development at BMW M, Albert Biermann, said, “The 1-Series M Coupe is completely in the tradition of the first BMW M3. It is compact, focused on the essential, and presents outstanding driving dynamics. In addition, it opens the door to BMW M – in particular its price will also make it more accessible than our other products.”

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