Romeo Ferraris Modifies The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG has been modified by a company called Romeo Ferraris who will offer a new ECU-map, an adjustable suspension and a new exhaust system. Basically the tuner will push the engine to 403kW, a 62kW boost over the standard model.

The 6.2-litre V8 motor will be enhanced through a new manifold and a completely new exhaust system. Because of this, the 0-100km/h time is 4 seconds flat.

Bodywise the changes include a new set of 18-inch wheels, an aerodynamic front bumper, a new Mercedes-Benz badge, lateral air intakes and different colours for the roof. Inside will include a new steering wheel and Alcantara and leather finishes.

Press Release


The experience gained within the Superstars Championship is the base of the preparation program developed by Romeo Ferraris for the Mercedes C63 AMG, which has now 540 bhp and is able to pass over 300 km/h. The interventions include an electronic upgrade, an optimized exhaust system, racing rims and an adjustable set up.

September, 29th 2010 – The 457 bhp of the Mercedes C63 AMG satisfy lots of fast drivers. Neverthless, the demanding owners, who watch passionately the C63 AMGs racing in the Superstars Championship, can have more. Romeo Ferraris’ Racing Team made a preparation program which transfers the gained experience on the circuits of the Series (with the cars of Michela Cerruti, Max Pigoli and Francesco Sini) to efficient tecnical solutions for the street version. There interventions modify radically the car’s behavior, turning it into a racing supercar, thanks to an original aerodynamic kit, 540 bhp, a specific set up completely adjustable in height and calibration, and very light 18″ racing rims (they weight 10 kg each).

The proposed aerodynamic kit is just an anticipation of the new kit we are developing, which will recall Romeo Ferraris’ car racing in the Superstars Championship. The first thing that distinguisces RF’s C63 AMG is a special cromo painting, which has also been used on Francesco Sini’s car. The factory’s technicians have also projected a front bumper, which is able to guarantee more aerodynamical load thanks to its original design in the lower part. To efasize even more the aggressivity of the car, the bumper cut’s design has been studied again, the grids, the Mercedes badge, the lateral air intakes, the lights’ parabola have been painted black. The roof wrapping, rigorously black (or any other coloro can choose from the catalogue), completes the setting.

At Romeo Ferraris we know that it is difficult to make a supercar’s interiours even more exclusive, but we also know that details make the difference. That’s why the specialists of the personalizations decided to recall the cromo paintings of the chassis using silver stitching for seats steering wheel, which is also embellished by the wrapping in alcantara. First quality leather has been used to wrap all the plastics, from the dashboard to the door pannels, in order to let the driver get lost in an inviting atmosphere, far away from the rough and cold standard cabin.

The core of Romeo Ferraris’ tuning program, developed by the racing team, is the 6,2 litre V8 AMG engine, which is able to deliver 540 bhp after the intervention, getting closer to the Romeo Ferraris’ C63 AMG, racing in the Superstars Series. It has been the great experience made in years of competition that enabled the technicians to obtain the maximum performance out of the electronic upgrade and to develop a new high performance exhaust line, which replaces all the series components, starting from the manifold to the exhaust pipes, with racing derivatives components (the exhaust is road-legal). The C63 AMG-RF needs 4 seconds to get to 100 km/h from 0, and reaches 200km/h in 12,5 seconds, while the standard equipe car takes 4,5 seconds from 0 to 100km/h, and 15,2 seconds from 0-200km/h. The maximum speed? Be prepared to pass 300km/h!

Romeo Ferraris’ tuning programs permits everyday use of the car on the street without any problems, but this C63 AMG has also been developed for the circuit. The evidence for it is the choice to equip the car with the same alloy wheels used in the Superstars Series. We are talking about the 18″ Arcasting GTR, which weight only 10 kg thanks to a special ultralight alluminium alloy (Al Si7) and to the manufacturing process. The feeling with the asphalt was emphasized even more with the Yokohama Advan Sport tyres (front 235/40 R18, rear 255/35 R18) and with the new racing shocks, completely adjustable in height, compression, extension and calibration, which lower the car up to -50mm, thanks to a short spring, developed specifically for this set up. If this is not enough, it’s possible to improve the answer to stress by replacing the shocks’ support with a poliuretan components kit. Poliuretan is harder than rubber and stiffens effectively the car. The final result is a car with better handeling and more precise in getting into the corners, with all the advantages of an adjustable set up, which can be adapted to driving styles and situations (street or circuit), favouring comfort or dynamic skills. If the power would not have been increased, these interventions would be more than enaugh, but, considering the 540 bhp, Romeo Ferraris’ tecnicians decided to modify the differential’s calibration, taking it to 40% to guarantee maximum motility, and to offer the chance to install a Brembo breaking system composed by 6 piston calipers with 380mm rotors for the front and 4 piston calipers with 345mm rotors for the rear.

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