Toyota Teases The Prius MPV

Toyota has used a billboard to reveal what could be the new Prius MPV. The Japanese automaker only teased the idea of the MPV on the billboard, as it’s only expected that the final model will show its face around the time of the Detroit Auto Show in January.

According to the image, the back is slightly larger and this allows for extra seats for extra passengers.

Reports have said that there will be the sedan’s 1.8-litre petrol engine connected to an electric motor which runs on a lithium-ion battery pack.

“A hybrid Verso would be ideal,” said a Toyota source, “but that won’t happen for now as it’s mid life-cycle. We don’t want to be importing cars to Europe that could steal sales in a segment we already cover.

“The US don’t have anything like the Verso so a Prius MPV makes sense, filling in a gap in the model range with a name people know.”


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