Uwe Gemballa Was Executed In South Africa

Uwe Gemballa–original Gemballa tuning firm owner–has been found dead in South Africa. It was said that when the body was found it was wrapped in cellophane as he was executed when a deal went bad.

Details are limited, however police believe that Uwe was involved in an alleged illegal money laundering scheme with Czech crime boss Radovan Krejcir. According to reports the two men had been in business since 2002 where in September last year a few problems surfaced.

Basically Uwe wasn’t making payments.

Radovan lured Uwe to South Africa by offering to setup a business agreement. The airport footage shows Uwe being collected by a light-skinned man who is said to be one of Radovan’s workers.

Uwe was then escorted to a house where he had to phone his wife asking for a million dollars. When the money didn’t arrive he was killed.

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