VW Will Influence The Design Of The Porsche Cajun 2-Door SUV

Volkswagen are planning to influence the design of Porsche where they are expected to start with the baby SUV called the Cajun. The Porsche Cajun is expected to be a 2-door model for 2013-2014 where it will be smaller than the Audi Q5. Porsche will target the Range Rover Evoque with the Cajun SUV.

At the Paris Auto Show of 2010, VW’s Design Chief, Walter de Silva, said, “I really hope to be able to add something positive to Porsche’s new models, which will remain coherent with the great tradition of Porsche…The Cajun will be the first new Porsche created under my influence.”

The Porsche Cajun is said to be a baby Cayenne and not a competitor to the Audi Q5.


Pictured above is the Porsche Cayenne.

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