Mercedes-Benz Teases A New AMG Using Pictures, More To Come

Mercedes-Benz has teased images of what seems to be a new AMG sports car. The first image seems to show the lower-front grille, whereby the second is that of the wheel. The German automaker is planning to use pictures of odd parts of the car to build anticipation for its release.

Word on the street is that it could be a brand new SLS. But who knows?

The first image was coupled with the following: “Want to take a glimpse into the future? Over the next few days we will uncover a new member of the AMG family, bit by bit. This first picture shows a front splitter made of visible carbon. Any idea what is coming?”

The second image was tagged with: “Check out this high-class footwear! Stay tuned for our next hint tomorrow.”

[source: Mercedes-AMG]

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