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Arash AF-10 — New Details & Images

Arash Motors have released a new set of images and a few details on the Arash AF-10 supercar. The AF-10 is a British made sports car which will use a 550-horsepower seven-litre LS7 V8 engine from General Motors. The overall torque from this motor will amount to 475lb-ft, and it will travel to the street though a six-speed Graziano GT-ME1 […]

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Details On The New Arash Supercar With 1200 HP

Supercars, supercars, supercars. We love them! Rightly so, as the new Arash AF-10 will top over 220mph (354 km/h) with its Corvette Z06 sourced engine. The £320,000 supercar from Britian will boast a 7.2-litre displacement with a staggering 1,200bhp (985 kW). Power will go through a six-speed Graziano gearbox while the Pagani Zonda F will lend its box as an […]

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