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Brazil’s First Supercar Is Being Developed As We Speak — The Amoritz GT DR7

The first teaser image of the Amoritz GT DR7 has been revealed. Fernando Morita was the designer of the DR7, a supercar which is said to resemble the Lamborghini Gallardo and Mazda Furai Concept. Amoritz decided to use a McLaren F1 styled interior, and this means a center-mounted driver seat. Power will come from a 8.4-litre V10 engine, and this […]

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New Amoritz GT For The Brazilian Market

In Brazil a new designer has released his own Amoritz GT. The man called Fernando Morita has revealed his prototype with a 2+1 seating layout. The Amoritz GT will be an affordable sports car for the Brazilian market. The car measures in at 4,250 mm in length and 1,900mm in width where it then has a wheel base of 2,500mm. […]

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